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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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FlatPress 0.804 Vivace

It’s been a damn long, guys!


(horrible home-made artwork by me, as always :P)

Finally, here it is, with its huge, but probably not even complete CHANGELOG!

Download from SourceForge

WARNING: Please BACKUP before upgrading, and I suggest you to follow this guide

If you’re still unsure, check this early gallery of screenshots by drudo, which is a bit outdated, but should still give you an idea :)

(For those of you wondering, it’s svn rev146)

FlatPress 0.804 Vivace
+ Rewritten bootstrap, index centralized
+ New database backend (soon to be reworked ;))
+ New draft system
+ New secure hashing algorhytms for passwords
+ New widget system
+ Post view count moved to plugin PostViews
+ Rewritten main config file
+ Allowing custom appearance for date/time
+ New URLs (still compatible)
+ Allow static pages as home
+ post goodie :)
+ $theme['hassingle'] = true; in your theme.conf.php 
  allows you to have a single.tpl (single post view: permalink)
  for your theme!

+ New PostViews plugin
+ New favicon plugin
+ New prettyurls plugin, supporting pathinfo! (check plugin for help)
+ Added GUI to BlockParser
+ Added GUI to Akismet
F Fixed accessible antispam
F BBCode now allows inline HTML (check plugin for help): this
  allows WYSIWYG lovers to install their favourite editor (e.g.
  TinyMCE, see the forum for more)
F Modified and cleaned interactions of BBCode with thumbs and 
  lightbox plugins
F Lightbox shouldn't crash IE7 anymore
F Akismet shouldn't timeout anymore
U jsUtils is mootools 1.1 full (complete download)
+ New GUI
+ Allowing plugins to add panels
+ Validating now without sessions
+ New Widget GUI
+ New Plugin GUI
+ New Theme/Styles GUI
+ New Options (formerly config) GUI