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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blog / General / News / FlatPress 0.812 Fortissimo

FlatPress 0.812 Fortissimo




+ Brand new indexing system
+ Many bug fixes (drafts, validation errors, etc.)
+ Cosmetic changes in default admin panel

How to upgrade from Vivace

That’ll be surprisingly easy, even though there is a brand new indexing engine!

1) do a backup (just in case ;) )
2) Download the package from SourceForge
2) unpack the file you downloaded
3) drop your old fp-content/ to the new flatpress/ dir you unpacked
3) login as usual; if anything doesn’t work here (it should, don’t worry), reinstall
4) go to the maintenance tab and choose to rebuild the index
5) wait for the page to load completely
6) scroll down, you should see a message saying the process has finished: you’re done!
6/b) you might need to empty the fp-content/cache/ dir if you had prettyurls enabled

Note: This is SVN rev227

Have fun!

UPDATE: if you’re experiencing a “syntax error”, try using these patched files. And tell your host they suck :D