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Thursday, November 22, 2007

SVN screenshot gallery


Our great friend drudo, admin of SPBItalia has managed to provide us with a complete gallery of screenshots of FlatPress Crescendo+1.

As I’ve already posted you can get a daily snapshot of the development version to play with.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SVN Snapshots!

(or: “the nice facility for lazy people”)

I’ve managed to setup a “daily” snapshot of the Subversion repository nicely packaged in a tarball.

This package is updated every evening at 21:16 GMT (so in Italy at 22.16)

Download it here!

Consider this as your “alpha” release, if you want, so that you can start playing around with the upcoming new FlatPress.

Please notice this is NOT a stable release.

I’d suggest to test extensively to report bugs, but locally, because this is not meant to be used in a production environment!

If you upgrade your blog remember to BACKUP and that it is at your risk!

That said, have fun!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


w00t, here it is, at last!!

 svn co 

to checkout the sources of the latest bleeding edge FlatPress! Kewl!

Notice You can get live stats here

Sunday, October 28, 2007

How I feel about local FlatPress sites

There is a question I’ve been being asked many times, so I’m now giving the answer I’m already giving to people who tries to contact me by mail, by contact form, by forum, by phone, teletypes, telegraph, etc etc :P

Sometimes is not even a question, but it’s just a notification.


I’m $nickname and I’ve opened a FlatPress support site in $language,
please advertise with this link: $site_url.

and sometimes, even

There’s a forum $forum_url and a wiki $wiki_url

FlatPress is such a small project that having N websites, everyone with its own maintainer, it’s own front page, its own forum, won’t help anybody.

It’s better for people to know they have one place where they can find both help and documentation: that’s why on the forum I’m allowing you to use your language if you really can’t speak English, and that’s why the wiki was meant to allow you using your own language.

I can’t force you people to not do that, if you really want, and I know this is a way for you to show your love for FlatPress, but please at least understand that I can’t (and for now won’t) call these side projects “official”, nor I’m going to publish any link on the home page that I or someone already in the team haven’t personally reviewed and approved (starting from the maintainer him/herself).

And how can you (yes, you, and not only your site) be approved?

The first steps consist in joining the forum community and showing us your skills helping other users with their requests or questions, and eventually sharing your themes or plugins.

Get really involved!

Coming in with all the things done, it’s not such a good presentation, to us.

And once you did all of this… well. Maybe ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yet another bug fix (yeah, I know, I’m boring)

While I was trying to sort out the results of a disappointing upgrade to Gutsy (most of the pain is coming from my laptop crappy motherboard, but with Feisty it almost worked…); I was preparing to a complete reinstall from scratch (argh!)

Well, now it works almost everything, except that if you’re the unlucky owner of a VIA motherboard and you used to boot with acpi=force irqpoll workaround, irqpoll will now happily make your laptop a sloth (yeah, not really a gibbon) and the boot will let you go to the shops stay around for half an afternoon, come back and see it’s still loading GDM. Well, you’ll have to choose between your USBs and WiFi (NoWhereBlog on this rant).

Well, let’s stop with the too-geeky-stuff, and back to us; a friend of mine (no, not one of the forum, but still one of my mates at university) kept on pulling my legs for the whole day as I’ve release a patch which didn’t patch the delete entry bug.

I won’t say kudos, you annoying bastard :P, but here’s the patch: just remove the .txt and put it in admin/panels/entry/ and replace the old one.

I’ve also re-re-released the 0.703.6 with a new minor-minor version number (0.703.6.1) but the internal version remains 0.703.6, that’s only for the package.

If you still don’t have upgraded, it’ll be on our beloved SourceForge as usual.



[1] It doesn’t matter if you won’t understand, guys.