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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blog / RC2 out

RC2 out

Get it while it’s hot here :
http://www.nowherela … ss-0.610-RC2.tar.bz2

Known Issues

  • related_link -__-’ must add “dumb mode” DONE
  • mark categories as “experimental” and verify category compilation function (?)

Misc ToDo’s and Requested Features

  • redesign {html_submit} and add access keys DONE
  • bbcode for comments DONE
  • textile support (requested by me :D)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blog / The NoWhereBlog theme

The NoWhereBlog theme

Well, it’s not being released, ok?

It’s not because I’m an egoistic bastard — it doesn’t matter that maybe I really am, but if I were, then I wouldn’t share my FP with you, nor I would have put it under GPL!

– No, well, let me think about it… well maybe I would, just to hear you telling me how great I am… but that’s not the point :D

Ok, the reason is that at this moment I don’t want a mass of clones of my very own website to overflow the web here and there. When I’ll change my layout, then probably I’ll share with you the NoWhereBlog theme, but I’ll tell you, it’s not going to be soon :P

So, please don’t even rip my layout (even if it’s very simple and actually it’s - for a small part - based off a wp theme), because, as it’s stated on my blog at the bottom of the page, it’s ©.

I apologize with you, if you like that, just create your very own.

Thank you for understanding :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blog / Rant-of-the-day: related_link

Rant-of-the-day: related_link

TXT’s of file entries are supposed to be UPPERCASE… they always did.

VERSION|0.4.5|SUBJECT|My title|CONTENT|the entry

Why - oh why! - on Earth did they change this simple convention?

Today a user reported a failure in parsing a spb0.4.7.1 entry because it contained this “related_link” section in lowercase…

I introduced the character case check so that we could be sure that we were parsing a well-formed file. What if the “normal” files themselves are ill-formed?

Sorry for being so rude, but I really wonder what’s the deal in breaking a so simple convention, apart from making spb harder to debug…


Monday, October 9, 2006

Blog / Screenshot Page Updated

Screenshot Page Updated

Hydra/Samyweb has set up the Screenshot page…

bye :)