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Friday, April 11, 2008

Blog / General / News / ‘PathInfo’ URLs in rev140

‘PathInfo’ URLs in rev140

just to let you know, less-ugly-urls[ยน] (no mod_rewrite) are now available in SVN rev140 by setting the PRETTYURLS_PATHINFO constant in plugin.prettyurls.php to true; then your urls will look like

files that changed are two:

you should be able to test them with alpha3 (I can’t assure it will work older alphas, and they probably won’t work with even older versions)

[ยน] well, really I don’t think that standard URLs are ugly anymore, with the new “?x=…” syntax :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blog / General / News / Announcements / ‘Let’s party like it’s Christmas time’, or ‘Alpha 3 out’

‘Let’s party like it’s Christmas time’, or ‘Alpha 3 out’

…which is really a beta, I’d say, because if you don’t find any other bugs there are chances this will become final

Get it here

For people using SVN, this is just rev138.


fix: when using file_exists on a directory
fix: double quotes in subject field for entries
fix: erroneous 404s
fix: the infamous "session bug" 
fix: forgot stripslashes 
add: made login session-less

And this even though I’m busy.

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Register at the forums! If you register you’ll get all the benefits of talking to a not-already-annoyed-because-bugged-via-mail developer! :D