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Monday, March 13, 2006

Blog / Please stand by :)

Please stand by :)

Wait us for finishing last checks/tests, we’re a very few steps away from this pre-pre-pre-alpha ;)

See you soon,
EDIT I could seriously consider transferring on, maybe it’s a little less complicated hosting flat files


Friday, March 10, 2006

Blog / Updating here is always a pain in the neck

Updating here is always a pain in the neck

Damn, this sourceforge configuration is something AWFUL -__-
I think I’ve yet again lost the archive…
Anyway, here’s the news.

Soon you will be able to have this for download

What you’ll see will be meant as a PREVIEW ALPHA .
For instance the bbcode plugin IT IS NOT the one of the REAL ALPHA release because it is not GPL’d.
You can use this for your personal tests BUT PLEASE NOT for production.

Let us know any thought or feature suggestions here. If you see any warning, or error message and the time being WE’RE NOT INTERESTED because actually WE ALREADY KNOW most of the bugs.

The holes you see are there because IT IS JUST NOT FINISHED. So if you’re a script kiddie searching for some easy way to crack an unfinished project, I know this is your cup of tea, but, please, forget it, it wouldn’t be very challenging…

See you soon,