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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Blog / Releases / New release: FlatPress 1.3 “Andante”

New release: FlatPress 1.3 “Andante”

Image: ‘Andante in Fa#’ by Paolo Crosetto - licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

Hi folks,

finally, I can announce the release of FlatPress 1.3 “Andante”.

If you don’t know yet: The name “Andante” may be seen as a (not entirely serious) allusion to the FlatPress release cycle: We’re not going particularly fast, but steadily we’re going.

Most important improvement of the new version is the PHP 8.1 to 8.3 compatibility. Also, we added a few helpful plugins and fixed tons of bugs and security issues. And check out all the other improvements like the localized installer!

Please see the release information on GitHub to find the detailed change log, a download package and an update package from FlatPress 1.2:

Or download directly:


I’d like to thank all those who selflessly support the FlatPress project as testers, developers or translators, report bugs and submit suggestions for improvement, or help other FlatPress users.
I am so proud that people all over the world share the FlatPress spirit and contribute to the development. This release, like the others before it, would not have been possible without you - thank you!

Image: “Andante in Fa#” by Paolo Crosetto - licensed under CC BY SA 2.0