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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog / German translation ! (and setup issues)

German translation ! (and setup issues)

Good news for our (many!) German friends!

Christian, also known as tafkas, has managed to finish a
complete translation for FP-0.703-alpha.

Awesome! Many many kudos to tafkas, who is also largely spreading the FlatPress word[1] :D

Get the German translation here

Setup issues

In the meantime tafkas (isn’t he a good guy?) also helped me with the “can’t setup” thingie that some of you had.

Open up your defaults.php and change this line

define('BLOG_BASEURL', 'http://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].
  (($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']!=80)? ':' . $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] : '') .

into this

define('BLOG_BASEURL', 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] .  BLOG_ROOT);

What’s changed ? This way you’re not using anymore SERVER_NAME but HTTP_HOST; server name is more reliable than http host, which relies on the info you send through your browser to tell PHP what’s your own webserver hostname (what a mess, huh?).

Well I need a that info to be correct so that I can generate correct links for the blog and especially have valid form POST handlers.

Well, the problem is that there’s no HTTP_HOST in IIS, so… I think I’ll have to re-add a step in the installer; I’ll see.

Another thing I’ve read is about people who can’t install and that maybe were offended by the FP installer :P

Guys, seriously, what’s so bad about reading the instructions?

It clearly says that you have to click finish to BEGIN :D

Sorry for the joke, it was intended as a measure to prevent people from just blindly clicking next/next/next in the first versions, as you really needed to read. At the moment it wouldn’t be needed anymore, but I find it funny; just think of this: personally sometimes I click the wrong button myself :D this just shows how little we care about things we’re supposed to care about :P

If I’ll have to add this hostname thing you should really pay attention when you install, so do I really have to remove it? :( It’s so funny, LOL

The point is: the more people install it successfully (having read the instructions) the less will be reporting the results of an unsuccessful installation as bugs :)


PS: the exam went well :D

[1] I was sayng “the ‘FP’ word” but it would have sounded like a dirty thing, LOL

Monday, March 19, 2007

Blog / FlatPress 0.703 (Crescendo) alpha

FlatPress 0.703 (Crescendo) alpha

http://sourceforge.n … .php?group_id=157089

fixed:		utils_mail()
fixed: 		bbcode url trim
fixed:		bbcode remote image timeouts 
changed:	WHOLE new POST behaviour (no longer "POSTDATA" messages)
changed:	new theme tags (almost finished). support for old themes; soon deprecated
changed:	graphics for the old theme (almost finished) 
changed:	a whole bunch of graphic thingies
changed:	plugin organization
changed:	jsutils is now based on mootools 1.0
changed:	lightbox based on slimbox (mootools)
changed:	updated to latest Smarty
added: 		[video] tag support
added: 		update checker (experimental)
added:		error/success notification system with fancy graphics :P
NOTE: italian language is still there until the wiki is ready

Friday, March 9, 2007

Blog / 0.703-pre2 out!

0.703-pre2 out!

Get it here

As announced, changes are mainly related to how themes are handled. Graphical enhancements and new stuff here and there. More news to come.



Sunday, March 4, 2007

Blog / Dugg


Looks like we’ve been dugg.

Nice try, Tafkas, not many votes, but thank you anyway :P