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What is FlatPress?

What's the news?

2019-09-20: Registration bug fixed

After a phpBB update, the forum registration was broken.
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2019-08-06: Current project status

Here’s a little update on the current status of the FlatPress project.
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FlatPress 1.1 “Da capo” is here!

I am more than happy to announce the new FlatPress release 1.1 “Da capo”.
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FlatPress is a lightweight, easy-to-set-up blogging engine. Plain and simple, just PHP. No database needed!


  • Standard-compliant (XHTML valid)
  • No need to fiddle with SQL
  • Easy to backup! Just copy one directory
  • Easy plugin system
  • Widget support
  • Easy to customize with themes (powered by Smarty)
  • FlatPress is free software under GNU GPLv2

Sounds good? Proceed to download or check out the demo!

Stay up-to-date

There are some changes in the FlatPress project lately. Use these ways to stay informed: