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What's the news?

2022-09-14: Feel free to say “Thank you”

Some of you have asked me how they could send me a small donation ...
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2022-06-26: Latest development news

In total, we have three active development branches ...
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2022-01-29: Current development status

Here’s a little update on the current development status of FlatPress ...
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FlatPress is a lightweight, easy-to-set-up blogging engine. Plain and simple, just PHP. No database needed! Being around since 2006, FlatPress is mature and well-tested.
Find out more about the FlatPress project and its philosophy in our FAQ.


  • Independent, standard-compliant blog software
  • Works on files, no database
  • Easy to setup, easy to backup
  • Powerful plugin system with widget support
  • Easy to customize with themes, powered by Smarty
  • Comments function with spam protection
  • Free software under GNU GPLv2

Sounds good? Proceed to download or check out the demo!

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There are some changes in the FlatPress project lately. Use these ways to stay informed: