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Monday, April 2, 2007

Blog / Just kidding

Just kidding

yep, FP will stay db-less, in php and free.

For now :P

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Blog / FlatPress will migrate to a real database!

FlatPress will migrate to a real database!

As you know FlatPress uses Flat-files to store its database.

By the way is obvious that not using a database has its drawbacks.

Most people think that FP will always be slow and that if you know you’ll have a lot of traffic, flat files will be your bottleneck.

At this time, storing a file on a HD is quite as safe than storing a record in a DBMS, as anyway your data will always end on a mass-storage device.

So, this is why we’re saying to go to hell to all the people which can’t afford a good quality paid-hosting.

Guys, you’re old, get in sync with the new web two-point-oh age!

I mean, seriously, what’s your problem?

From now on FlatPress will become an over-bloated full-featured piece of software; it will support instant messaging trough the control panel and Voice-over-IP international calls. Moreover will download news from the most relevant and reliable sources (such as digg) and show you them in a fancy fashion (pink background, with hearts all around the corners).

The new project will be called FlatPress 2.0 and will be based on Microsoft ASP .NET.

Oh, and it will be closed-source.

April 1st, 2007