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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blog / Alpha release

Alpha release

EDIT: Package had a bug in the installer. Please
redownload it.

EDIT2: If you are going to upgrade your installation (notice I haven’t myself, yet :P) please:

a. do a backup first
b. run the setup
c. if you still have issues, try to clear the cache/ directory contents manually (do not delete the dir itself).

I’ve uploaded to the unstable releases a preview package for 0.702 consider it still unstable, as a first sight to the new exciting features of FP. Test it, I wouldn’t suggest it on production environments.

Italian language has not been updated, English has.

Javascript thingies may not work.

One “visible” feature: the new [video] tag, which for now only supports youtube and google video; just copy and paste the URL to a google video and the system will create the correct and xhtml valid code to embed it on your page :)

e.g. [video=]

for the famous web2.0 video

Here are some screenies:

New installer with modified theme (with new features such as selective overwrite)

New entry panel

New maintain panel, with included phpinfo() :)

Authoritative comments ! If you are loggedin, your comments are now emphasized !

Download here: …