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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blog / Alpha release

Alpha release

EDIT: Package had a bug in the installer. Please
redownload it.

EDIT2: If you are going to upgrade your installation (notice I haven’t myself, yet :P) please:

a. do a backup first
b. run the setup
c. if you still have issues, try to clear the cache/ directory contents manually (do not delete the dir itself).

I’ve uploaded to the unstable releases a preview package for 0.702 consider it still unstable, as a first sight to the new exciting features of FP. Test it, I wouldn’t suggest it on production environments.

Italian language has not been updated, English has.

Javascript thingies may not work.

One “visible” feature: the new [video] tag, which for now only supports youtube and google video; just copy and paste the URL to a google video and the system will create the correct and xhtml valid code to embed it on your page :)

e.g. [video=]

for the famous web2.0 video

Here are some screenies:

New installer with modified theme (with new features such as selective overwrite)

New entry panel

New maintain panel, with included phpinfo() :)

Authoritative comments ! If you are loggedin, your comments are now emphasized !

Download here: …

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Blog / Hungarian translation and creating communities

Hungarian translation and creating communities

Thanks to six from the forum we now have (almost) full Hungarian translation for our beloved FlatPress :) - the main files … - adminarea … … …

Kudos to six! Show him some love :)

Then now we have

  • English translation (bundled)
  • Italian translation (bundled)
  • French translation
  • Hungarian translation

w00t !

I’m thinking about putting up a wiki, probably dokuwiki so that you as users can on your own:

  • post your plugins
  • post your themes
  • link to your blog
  • update your translations

and make them available for download. This will mean having new stuff ready without having to wait for me package a (re)release, which will imply making my work lighter, and me happy. And a happy dev leads to happy users :P

I’d like to open an international board, (I’d like to try Vanilla; I know it looks strange but it’s quite cool) too, but, you must be many! there’s nothing sadder than an empty forum :D

So convince your friend to try FlatPress and fall in love with it (ROTFL) :D

You might start spamming with mails about some kind of fake referral program, so that if you bring five friends to the magic world of FlatPress™ you’ll gain money, love and luck, if each one of them will bring five friends in turn, LOL :D :D,

Do it! this is not a fake, I have a friend who has a friend who has a brother who has a friend that once had no money, then he tried FlatPress and he found a wallet on the street near his home. Then the police knocked his door and arrested him for pillaging.

A friend of a friend of a cousin of mine thought this was a fake and then he died of a terrible, terrible death. Well, he deserved it, but that’s not the point.

So, resend this mail to at least four hundred of your friends in five seconds or your computer will burst in thousands of flaming pieces.

Really, don’t you already smell the smoke. That’s it.

LOL, just kidding ;)

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