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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blog / News / Announcements / FlatPress 0.703 Crescendo Final out

FlatPress 0.703 Crescendo Final out


At last! Just before your holidays, when sun is hot and you really care about everything except posting on your blog (ha-ha), here it is, the new FlatPress has come, with a new logo, a new release and this brand new wonderful website.

I’m waiting for those who are of course going to say they liked the old logo and the old site better :D

Get it from SourceForge

As announced, now FP comes bundled with the only English language (so that nobody complains :P), but you can found here:

This list will be updated as soon as people sync their translations with the new version; diffs are in this post; of course you can also update the wiki on your own (if you prepare a package, please do it :D).

Yes, we have a wiki.

If you are lazy and you don’t want to start over, we have some packages for older versions listed on this older page.

Be sure to read the guidelines (for instance lang files should be in utf-8)

We still lack a forum… I’d like to use PunBB but the lack of utf-8 blocks me; utf-8 won’t be there until 1.3 (which is still under development — and which looks cool)

Installing a new language

To install a new language just get the contents of the lang/ dir of the compressed archive and overwrite when you’re (eventually) asked.

Then choose the new language from the config panel.

Done. :)


The complete changelog since 0.612 can be found here.

Side notes

If you’re thinking this site looks a lot like my personal blog you’re right :D