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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Yet another bug fix (yeah, I know, I’m boring)

While I was trying to sort out the results of a disappointing upgrade to Gutsy (most of the pain is coming from my laptop crappy motherboard, but with Feisty it almost worked…); I was preparing to a complete reinstall from scratch (argh!)

Well, now it works almost everything, except that if you’re the unlucky owner of a VIA motherboard and you used to boot with acpi=force irqpoll workaround, irqpoll will now happily make your laptop a sloth (yeah, not really a gibbon) and the boot will let you go to the shops stay around for half an afternoon, come back and see it’s still loading GDM. Well, you’ll have to choose between your USBs and WiFi (NoWhereBlog on this rant).

Well, let’s stop with the too-geeky-stuff, and back to us; a friend of mine (no, not one of the forum, but still one of my mates at university) kept on pulling my legs for the whole day as I’ve release a patch which didn’t patch the delete entry bug.

I won’t say kudos, you annoying bastard :P, but here’s the patch: just remove the .txt and put it in admin/panels/entry/ and replace the old one.

I’ve also re-re-released the 0.703.6 with a new minor-minor version number (0.703.6.1) but the internal version remains 0.703.6, that’s only for the package.

If you still don’t have upgraded, it’ll be on our beloved SourceForge as usual.



[1] It doesn’t matter if you won’t understand, guys.