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Thursday, February 14, 2008

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Hush! thesist here

On Monday I’ve committed the hash thingie; it seems to be working nicely.

Also, I’m almost officially a thesist, and, can you guess? The thesis will involve FlatPress.

We have to still define the details but it will probably involve rethinking and rewriting the indexing system (which is still quite crappy), and maybe multiuser support, so you’ll fianlly stop asking when it will be there :P

Supporting more than one user, despite what you might think, is anything but a trivial task, and not because I’ll have to handle registrations for users, but because of the usual concurrency problems, which at the moment aren’t critical.

So it might end that those damn Petrinets will come in handy after all.

Now I’ve only to pass this 3 exams.

Please be nice to me, I’m very busy :P