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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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PHP 5.3

In PHP 5.3 they deprecated a lot of the PHP4 compatibility (since PHP4 is now actually dead).

Unfortunately this means the sourceforge package out at the moment won’t work with this version.

Even though I have a private life, I’m studying for my last exam of the month, and then I’m finally leaving for the summer break (during which I’ll probably be studying for a bunch of other exams!), I have committed a temporary fix to SVN :)

If you like living on the bleeding edge, you can get a download from the usual place (click the “Download GNU tarball” link at the very bottom of the page), or sync your local SVN repository.

If you don’t feel like upgrading to the unstable SVN, here’s a temporary workaround for your own installation.

  1. Open the file fp-includes/core/core.entry.php
  2. on line 22 change



    and save

  3. Then let’s now suppress all the deprecations warnings, by killing the errors altogether (I know, this is ugly): go open defaults.php
  4. add this code
    function _dummy(){} set_error_handler('_dummy');