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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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FlatPress lives! New maintainer aboard, new version ahead

Hi everybody,

in July, sad news struck: Edoardo announced the end of FlatPress.
It took quite a while, but now here I am to prove him wrong: FlatPress lives.

What’s the current situation?

Edoardo is about to hand me over all aspects of the project. Since I’m able to write this blog post here on, the first steps seem to have worked ;)
The transfer of the GitHub project is still to be done.

Who will maintain FlatPress from now on?

My name is Arvid, I am a software engineer from Germany. FlatPress is not my first experience with open source projects. I was founder, leader and coder of moziloCMS, a German open source PHP-based flatfile CMS.
I am a FlatPress user since 2013, you may know me from the forums as “azett”. Over the years, I contributed some plugins to FlatPress. Also, I built an inofficial version FlatPress 1.0.3.php7 based on the latest FlatPress release 1.0.3 to be used with PHP7. (See my GitHub fork here.)

What’s the plan?

I want to keep the project FlatPress running, so all you FlatPress users out there are able to keep running your FlatPress-powered blogs.

I won’t come up with dozends of fancy-shmancy new features. As first step, I will just make sure FlatPress works correctly under current PHP versions (which it sadly does not right now). My PHP7 version of FlatPress will most likely become the next official FlatPress release. Also, HTTPS support is very important.

Another big issue on my plan is to revive the community. It has been very quiet on the forums lately.

What can YOU do?

  • Let me know you’re out there.
    Leave me a comment below, drop me some lines on the forums or send me an email. (There will be an offical address later.)
    I need to know that the effort is worth it.

  • Help me testing the upcoming new FlatPress version.
    Download the latest version of my FlatPress fork and test it thoroughly. There is also an update package (1.0.3 to 1.0.3.php7).
    Does everything run fine under PHP 5 and 7? Do all your plugins and themes continue to work? Let me know on the forums!
    As soon as I have access to the official FlatPress GitHub project, I can then pull the changes from my fork to the official FlatPress repository and release an official new FlatPress version.

  • Get aboard the FlatPress team.
    If you like to join me on my mission, let me know. You may be a coder, a template designer, or maybe you just want to help me moderating the forums and the wiki. Every help is welcome!

  • Keep up to date.
    To stay informed about the further development of the FlatPress project, check out once in a while. You may also subscribe to the RSS feed.
    (The forums also have an RSS feed, did you know?)

  • Spread the word!
    Tell the world that FlatPress lives. Tell everybody how simple and great this blogging tool is. Get active on the forums, help each other, and give a warm welcome to new users. Revive the community - it is a vital part of a buzzing open source project.

And finally: A few words of thanks

I would like to thank Edoardo Vacchi a.k.a. the NoWhereMan, who kicked off this fine piece of open source software. A big salute to your years of effort on this really great flatfile blogging system, Sir! Also thanks for handing me over everything and thus giving me the opportunity to keep FlatPress alive.

Thanks to Matthias Mauch as well - my PHP 7 version of FlatPress is based on his FP-Patch.

More to come soon

I am looking forward to getting your comments and responses. Let’s see if this all works - I’d love it to!

Best wishes,