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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Blog / New Updates…

New Updates…

today, additions :)
{date} function for the themes.
if you use this, if you have posted more than once a day, the date will be displayed only once.

also, added file get.php
this file is not meant to be called directly. It is a mask for your uploads. Now, when you attach a file or an image web visitors won’t be able anymore to see the actual filepath on the webserver, raising your safety up!

e.g.: images/myimage.jpg will become: get.php?f=myimage.jpg

cool, huh? :)

http://www.nowherela … press.060903.tar.bz2

Changed behaviour with blockparser plugin.
Now to add a block just create a static page and assign it a name (the textbox at the bottom)!
Then add a line with ‘blockparser:nameofthestaticpage’, to your widgets (check wether blockparser is in your pluginlist) and then PRESTO! here’s your static as a block. Cool, huh?

Please always use the syntax

[*] My list element
[*] My other element

if you plan to create a sidebar element ;)