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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blog / Fixes & co.

Fixes & co.

I’m lacking of imagination for the titles in these days :D

Damn, how would you call un update?
http://www.nowherela … press.060912.tar.bz2

I’ve cleaned up the switch theme thingy, that before was an ugly hack (as I didn’t read the smarty manual as I would have to :D), and something else here and there ;)

For instance, I fixed an inconsinstence with spb: it occasionally saves file names inconsistently with the timestamp it saves into them; I mean, if you post an entry @ 12:01:30 and your server is really slow, time could turn into 12:01:31 at the time the file is effectively saved. Well, spb could have named your files using this last time, and not the one saved in the timestamp…

I’ve discovered such a rush condition today, trying to edit an spb using FlatPress, and finding as an unexpected result two files with that slightly different time…

I suppose the issue does not affect latest versions of spb, just because the date is taken from postdata (the date form input fields in the add dialog)…

Oh, well, anyway, yet another “bug” fixed (actually this IS NOT a bug for FP, of course, it’s just an uncommon behaviour of spb).


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