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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blog / FlatPress Mailing List

FlatPress Mailing List

For those people interested in actively helping the development of FlatPress we have now opened a mailing list.
Please notice this *is not* a place for feature requests, here we will be discussing about the core development of the platform and on how to improve it… and all of the boring related stuff :D

Feel free to subscribe if you have something witty to say :D
https://lists.source … info/flatpress-devel


BIG BOLD NOTE: I will hardly accept non-English messages. The ML is designed to be a way to collaborate with other people who may or may not be Italian-speaking and - I will never repeat it enough - I *DON’T* WANT language to be an obstacle. It’s not that I prefer English over Italian, it’s just something we need ;) Blogs are designed to communicate. What kind of communication would there be between people that can’t understand each other?