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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blog / [0.612-RC1] Flatpress 0.612-RC1 out!

[0.612-RC1] Flatpress 0.612-RC1 out!

[NEW] PLUGIN: akismet antispam
[NEW] PLUGIN: qspam quickantispam
[NEW] PLUGIN: prettyurls adds search engine optimized urls (e.g. entryNNNNNN-NNNNNN.html instead of index.php?entry=entryNNNNNN-NNNNNN)
[NEW] PLUGIN: calendar, adminarea, categories Italian translation (still old old dir organization)
[NEW] SETUP: Less questions when reinstalling
[EXP] You can now choose index.php to display a page different from blog (experimental not fully implemented, some links may be broken): open defaults.php and change the INDEX constant to anything you want (defaults to blog.php)
[FIX] CORE: Wrong order of comments
[FIX] PLUGIN: archives: Wrong order of months
[FIX] PLUGIN: bbcode: standard javascript popup displayed images with same proportions of scaled thumbnails

Many plugins are now disabled by default when installing, this is because FP may look otherwise a bit slow; in particular many plugins are javascript related; I mean here lightbox and jsutils. Without these plugins you’ll loose some of the eye-candy and usability-related features, so I recommend to have them enabled even though this way FP is a little slower; in the next versions I’ll release two new, lighter plugins which will deprecated both jsutils and lightbox.

https://sourceforge. … 38;release_id=473518