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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blog / [plugin] lastcomments

[plugin] lastcomments

You asked for it, got it.

Finally the last comments plugin is here. So shut your damn mouth and stop asking :D:D:D

Well, sure it can be improved, but I think it’s already quite nice; look in the generated html for its classes, so that you can customize it to fit your needs (such as customize its style through your theme’s style sheet)

http://www.nowherela … lastcomments.php.txt

as usual, remove .txt extension, copy it to your fp-plugins/ dir, and then add it to your plugin panel and widget panel in the desired position :)



known limitations (aka bugmenot’s :D)
if you delete a comment in the panel, the list WON’T be updated, this is because it uses a cache which is not worth update in that case (and btw there wouldn’t be a plugin hook for that :p)


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blog / Permalinks and comments

Permalinks and comments

Permalinks and commentlinks point to the same page in other platforms; when you click “see comments” you will be probably sent to the same page, but right at the point where the comments start using an anchor (

Do you like how actually FP behaves (permalink and post+comments are two different pages) or you want it to be like the others?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blog / [Plugin] QuickSpamFilter

[Plugin] QuickSpamFilter

As spam is reaching allarming proportions even on FlatPress (it was a matter of time :’( ) I must create a plugin that can filter all the crap, blocking it. Now, as I don’t have time to write something enough “strong”, I must create something quick, dirty and - I hope - still effective enough.
It’s quite weak, but I hope it will last at least for little while.

Blog spammers are always adding html or bbcode-like tags to be sure that their links are really clickable (so that search engines will index them). If you won’t never add links in your comments using html or bbcode (as they are anyway converted to a clickable link) ALL the comments containing the words “href” or “[url” will be BLOCKED.

The list of banned words can be easily customized so that you could add other words… in the meantime I hope this HACK is enough :/

I’m sure it won’t last a lot; while they’re thinking about it (hoping they aren’t reading this blog :’( ), I hope we’ll block a bunch of that crap.

You can find it here:
http://www.nowherela … plugin.qspam.php.txt

remove “.txt” from the name, upload it to fp-plugins/ e and add ‘qspam’ to your plugin panel. Let’s hope…


Monday, November 20, 2006

Blog / Added FAQ

Added FAQ

New FAQ page.
bye :) … /static.php?page=faq

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blog / FlatPress Mailing List

FlatPress Mailing List

For those people interested in actively helping the development of FlatPress we have now opened a mailing list.
Please notice this *is not* a place for feature requests, here we will be discussing about the core development of the platform and on how to improve it… and all of the boring related stuff :D

Feel free to subscribe if you have something witty to say :D
https://lists.source … info/flatpress-devel


BIG BOLD NOTE: I will hardly accept non-English messages. The ML is designed to be a way to collaborate with other people who may or may not be Italian-speaking and - I will never repeat it enough - I *DON’T* WANT language to be an obstacle. It’s not that I prefer English over Italian, it’s just something we need ;) Blogs are designed to communicate. What kind of communication would there be between people that can’t understand each other?