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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blog / FlatPress 0.703 (Crescendo) beta1

FlatPress 0.703 (Crescendo) beta1

So, after a long long awaiting, looks like it’s time for it to come, it’s not final, so I expect some bugs to be there (actually I’ve just found a stupid one and quick-fixed already, it will be patched better in the next package). Just tell me and I’ll fix them.

Still not on sourceforge for now


Cimangi sent me a good bunch of fixes, and even a date localization patch, but unfortunately it worked only under certain circumstances (in fact, a windows server); also the |date_format modifier is needed in English for the rss module, so the whole thing need some rethinking;
don’t worry it’s on the todo (maybe not very-very sooon, as it is harder than you may think ;))

Crescendo beta1
added: 		some entry/cache hooks
added:		many plugin translations thanx to cimangi (
added:		panel notifications for plugins
added:		new theme, new icons (updated old admin css)
added:		comment cookie, if jsutils is enabled
fixed:		lightbox updated and fixed
fixed:		removed quote escaping in entries (removed and added fix for old versions)
fixed:		directory deletion under php5 (thx cimangi)
fixed:		entry_delete did not remove visit counter (cimangi)  
fixed:		session retaining in control panel under certain conditions (smartyvalidate)
changed:	some behaviours in cache; need some rework as introduced a little bug... d'oh!