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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog / Kubrick fixed

Kubrick fixed

There’s something sexy about WP’s Kubrick theme you can’t say.

People love it, that’s why the new leggero theme looks a bit like it (simple but nice).

By the way people still *wants* the original kubrick, so they get to fpthemes and install it.

Kubrick has been suffering from a little encoding-related bug, which could have broken validation. If you customized your CSS you can drop-in the update from fpthemes, keeping your old res/* and imgs/*; the file that changed is actually just index.tpl, so that’s what you should actually replace.

It broke validation. You may not mind about that, but if you wondered why in firefox there was a small question mark next to you “add a comment” link, well that was the reason :)

I’d suggest you to update.