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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog / Release Candidate out

Release Candidate out


Please guys sorry if I’m not posting a changelog but I’m quite tired, and I’ve packaged all quickly so do a backup first, as usual (read the previous post ;))

If you don’t see any bug this will probably become final

EDIT: as you asked, here’s a CHANGELOG :)

note: in the meantime someone found another small bug in bbcode which I have fixed, if you already donwloaded, download it again, or fix it yourself

plugin.bbcode.php, line 128, becomes:


Sorry for making you wait but yesterday I didn’t really have time :)

FIXED: plugin/bbcode: broken non-local urls 
FIXED: core/FPDB archive function: /?y=nn didn't work if a month wasn't specified
FIXED: core/entry/cache : buggy workarounded function (see previous) is now fixed
FIXED: core/users : session was not kept if user IP changed
FIXED: core/rss : template now works, fixed core accordingly
ADDED: core/rss : full content support
UPDATED: plugin/jsUtils, upgraded to mootools 1.1
UPDATED: plugin/lightbox updated accordingly to slimbox 1.4
RMVD:	temporarily removed prettyurls plugin 
	(todo: remove from default config); 
	I'm working to a newer cooler version, but 
	it will require probably some changes in core, so no-go for this
ADDED: Lang/it-it: added some strings I forgot

As for the language, you can see what strings changed doing a diff between dirs lang/en-us/ across versions.

I’ll post one too, if you don’t want to wait just do it yourself ;)

Yeah, I know, I should really move to SVN, sharing files across PCs is really a mess -__-