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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blog / Roadmap (well, sort of)

Roadmap (well, sort of)

I’ll take this comment as a base for a simple roadmap, or “what’s in the future of FlatPress”.

Friendly URLs

First of all, friendly urls (prettyurls plugin) are *already* in the works! :)

Previous versions (pre-Crescendo) had that as an experimental plugin (which didn’t work really well, though), now I’ve played a little bit more with mod_rewrite and see how it works… and I saw PHP as such facilities that mod_rewrite is just a little “plus”.

I’ve studied more how other scripts work, and so I’m thinking that the best way to accomplish this is breaking a bit the now old URL-compatibility with SPB.

Yes, actually static.php and comments.php are there because I wanted plain URLs compatibility with SPB: I didn’t want my URLs to change because I didn’t want the links in my entries to break, but now I think that I would lose so little that this may be worth the price, what I’m asking is do you think the same?.

I would centralize all of the processing to index.php as is done in other well known and loved platforms such as WordPress itself or wiki systems (MediaWiki or Doku).

Remember that if you always linked ONLY permalinks (in your posts or all around the web) you won’t have any issues: you may have some little problems (but only with links) if you don’t have mod_rewrite (an .htaccess would otherwise send every URL to index.php, as it’s done with WordPress) enabled; in this case you may have receive a 404 error if you tried to browse to comments.php or static.php

I may still add a pair of dummy comments.php and static.php to redirect to index.php for systems which do not have mod_rewrite (cheap hosting and such).

Internal structure

I’ll probably take this occasion to do some rework on how the infrastructure currently works too.

Now we have some master classes which tell the system “which kind” of page (static, comments, etc) you’re viewing; if system will become centralized on index, this may need some rethinking, because it would be probably not as useful as now.

Plugins and widgets

This summer may be time to think about the way plugin will hook the control panel, a feature needed, but still not refined.

Moreover, I’d like to turn widget and plugin panels into something user-friendlier.


This is what we really lack, here… -__-’

All of this is not for now: Crescendo is now feature frozen which means that if you won’t find any bug in next two weeks or such, I’ll probably finally release it.

What really stops me is that I should open that damn forum and integrate it into the new website, together with the wiki.

Yes, there is a new website, and even a new domain, a new logo, and new designs (leggero docuit)… stay tuned, guys ;)