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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog / General / News / FlatPress 0.803 Vivace : it was about time!

FlatPress 0.803 Vivace : it was about time!

I think I’m almost ready for a release, but I need you to test! test! test!.

Sooo, if you’re willing to help download FlatPress 0.803 (Vivace) now! :)

Get it while it’s hot :D

I hadn’t updated the changelog in a while, but changes are huge, a new DB backend (still not the best, but for that there’ll be the thesis), a new system to let plugin hook the admin panel, new cookie handling, new security features (wpnonce), etc etc…

Known Issues

I’ve found out issues with sessions I couldn’t track down.

This means that if you have “AccessibleAntispam” enabled it might not work giving a “wrong result” error.

The problems is that this happens even if the result is correct.

Unfortunately this doesn’t happen always, so I wasn’t able to fix it. I hope you can help.

How to upgrade

  • BACKUP your fp-content/; please I WON’T be responsible for any damage! (but I’d anyway feel responsible if anything happened, so be kind, and save me another headache ;))
  • Check your drafts. Drafts are now working in a different way. So either publish your old drafts or they’ll result on your home page. You can also re-save them, once you have finished upgrading.
  • Rename your old FlatPress installation
  • Upload the new FlatPress directory you have already unpacked
  • Install the new FlatPress
  • Move to the new fp-content/ your old content/ and images/, attachs/ (if any). Do not move config/, cache/ or users/ to the new installation
  • Clear the cache/ contents
  • Point your browser to the home page and wait for it to recreate the db (it will take a while, depending on the number of posts).
  • Once the page is loaded FP is ready. Login and enjoy.
  • (remember your drafts ;) )

If anything goes wrong please report it on the forum and let me know; in the meanwhile you can take back your old FlatPress installation by moving back the content/, images/, attachs/ dirs.

Please report any bugs!