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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Blog / News / Announcements / New FlatPress website, forum, and wiki

New FlatPress website, forum, and wiki

Allright folks, after a few days getting everything running, here’s what we’ve got.

New forum!

Since the old one was broken, I started a completely new forum. Use it to ask your questions, meet other FlatPressers, introduce your plugins and themes, or show off the blog sites you created with FlatPress.
The most important thing for new FlatPress users is to find friendly help and support. Give them a warm welcome and answer their questions patiently - today’s newbies will be tomorrow’s pros.

New wiki!

The old wiki contained a lot of helpful information, but was also full of bot-registered spam users. I opened a new wiki and transferred just the contents (but not the users). So please re-register yourself and help us to update and complete the wiki contents.

New website!

Our project website got a renovation of its look and contents. Also, all content (including forum and wiki) is now served SSL-protected.

And as a little extra for our German-speaking users: Official German website!

New release?

Please be patient a few more days. My plan is to publish the new FlatPress release 1.1 still in february - let’s see if this works out!
When the new release is out, my next efforts will be to publicize it to CMS compare sites, download archives et cetera.

Feel free to get the latest development snapshot from GitHub and test it thoroughly. There will be only a few changes until 1.1 is complete.
Thank you very much for all the bug reports, suggestions, issues and pull requests I already received!


A special “Thank you!” goes out to our friends at UD Media, who really like what we do here. UD Media generously supports the FlatPress project by hosting us, making our project revival possible.

  1. Username

    Monday, February 18, 2019 - 16:48:04

    Happy that Flatpress is still going strong.

    I’m a forum guy myself, but have you considered creating a subreddit for Flatpress instead of an actual hosted forum? You’d have way more visibility there and would have zero maintenance to do.

    See ya!

  2. Arvid

    Monday, February 18, 2019 - 21:37:12

    Hi, thanks for your suggestion. One of the strengths of FlatPress is its independence from other services - hosting the forum ourselves is part of the FlatPress philosophy.
    Your are, nevertheless, warmly invited to spread the word in the communities you frequent :)